“By being yourself, you´re one of a kind”

Photo: Longhair show with Pivot Point Australia at Salon Melbourne

I am a fully qualified Swedish Master in hairdressing and educator, who has been in the industry for the past 15 years. 
I choose this profession because I love to be creative, work with people and work with hair, so I like to share my experience and knowledge with students, competitors, teachers and hairdressers around the world!

I love the competition world, because there I have the chance to meet other aspiring and purposeful hairdressers with the goal to improve their skills. 
As a former competitor I have learned all the parts of competitions and today I work as a coach for the Swedish national team, a national judge for Sweden as well as a judge for OMC International. 
With my instinct, willpower and desire to constantly develop, I feel as though I am capable of taking on any challenge presented to me.

I also work as a mobile stylist with fashion shows, photoshoots and weddings and as a hairdresser with clients in the salon. I´m grateful that I get to help people to feel and look beautiful everyday!

I like to work internationally, because I want to share my knowledge with others as well as being inspired and learn more about my profession and new methods. 
I see my job as one of my greatest interests, one which I have the possibility to devote myself to every day. 
I am very proud to be a hairdresser!
                                                                 Stay Awesome / Ulrica