IAHS Event 2016

IAHS - International association of Hairdressing schools
Event 2016 Lidköping Sweden

The last 5 days Lidköping has been the metropol for Hairdressing schools when students and teachers joined together to develop their skills!

A wonderful group of students, teachers and principals joined OMC Hair Sweden and IAHS and collaborated to get inspired and to build their own designs and collections both as individuals and as a group!

I assisted my colleague Joakim Roos who showcased beautiful designs and inspiration.

I got to see some of the teachers, Sirpa and Camilla, that works/worked at the school, Almås gymnasiet, where I studied hairdressing! I also got to meet passionated teachers from other countries together with my Swedish teacher colleagues!

Thanks to everyone involved for a great event!
Stay awesome

Check out this slide show from the event: