Yrkes SM day 3

Who will be the winner?

The best competitor at Yrkes-SM 2016 is Olivia Jonsson! She's the winner!
She will represent Sweden and our hairdressing trade at Worldskills competition next year!

Yolande Meltola got the second place and will represent Sweden and the hairdressing trade at Euroskills competition in december this year!

Yolandas mannequins 

Michelle Lundström got the bronz medal and Isabella Hannonsson got the 4th place!
Michelle and Isabella will represent Sweden in OMC Europe cup in September in Paris! 
All these competitors are members of the Swedish competition team!

Everybody is a winner!
To train and compete in a worldskills competition you know you are great! You wouldn't be here if you weren't a great competitor and tradesmen!
I've competed myself in the National Worldskills in Sweden, Nordic Worldskills in Iceland and Worldwide Worldskills in Japan. I know it's such a hard work to compete in so many different categories in the same competition. To prepare so many different designs and to create everything at the competition floor. To keep the energy to compete 3-4 days in a row, to stay focused
I'm so proud of everyone who dare to challenge themselves!

Stay awesome